Furry Writer Meetup and Workshop

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Saturday – Panel 1
Dr. Manik
Furry writers, unite! Got a story you've been wanting to get critique on, or perhaps you want to practice your public speaking? Well, this is the place to do it! I'm your host Dr. Manik and I'll be helping you all with your reading, critiquing, and writing skills. This will be a virtual meetup of Furry Writers, near and far, where we will share and listen to each others stories. Writers will be selected from the audience to read their pieces live. After every reading, the audience will provide constructive criticism on the piece, moderated by yours truly. Please keep stories to a 3-5 page max length and make sure they are appropriate for all ages. Excerpts from larger pieces are allowed, and new writers are greatly encouraged. Come join us, I look forward to hearing your next story!

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